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Find Snapper Mowers
at Walmart & Other Retailers

Shopping for lawn mowers, trimmers or leaf blowers at Walmart or your favorite local retailer? Find these Snapper models.

Snapper is happy to make shopping more convenient for our customers by offering select outdoor power products at Walmart and other retailers. Here are a few benefits of choosing Snapper when buying a Walmart lawn mower, trimmer or leaf blower.

  • Our products are easy to use, easy to own
  • Get Snapper quality at affordable prices
  • Lawn Mowers at Walmart

    You can buy SP Series Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers at Walmart.
    Basic Snapper® walk mowers offer the right features to get the job done everyday. Choose from 5 different easy-to-use self-propelled push mowers that make short work out of tall, thick grass on hilly or flat yards.
  • Riding Mowers at Walmart

    Looking for a faster, easier mower? Check out our riding mower models.

    Power and performance comes easy with the Snapper® ST Series riding lawn mowers. ST Series ride on mowers make mowing medium to large yards a breeze. With a reliable Briggs & Stratton engine, you get the luxury of long-lasting power from a two-step debris management system that protects your engine.

  • Trimmers & Leaf Blowers at Walmart

    More than just mowing, you can also get these yard clean-up products.
    Easily trim around landscaping clearing weeds and tall grass for a pristine lawn. With this string trimmer, the straight shaft design extends into hard-to-reach corners and under shrubbery.
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Snapper Mowers Available at More Mass Retailers

Wondering where to buy Snapper products other than Walmart? Below is our list of other mass retailer stores offering Snapper lawn mower models, along with riding mowers, tillers, snow blowers and other outdoor power equipment.