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  • Outdoor Power Equipment

    Snapper offers a comprehensive line of lawn and garden equipment 
    to help you quickly complete chores and yard work.  We take practical
    features and integrate them into a straight-forward  design to make using
    your new string trimmer, brush mower, chipper shredder or tiller easy to
    use and made to last. It’s that simple.

  • Remove Tall
    Grass & Brush

  • Expertly Trim Grass
    & Remove Weeds

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Snapper outdoor Power Equipment

The Right Easy-to Use Outdoor Power Equipment For the Job!

  • Snapper offers a variety of lawn & garden equipment to help with most yard chores you can think of! Each of these products are easy –to-use and provide reliability and performance.  In  addition, they are also easy –to-own with support when you need it from your neighborhood Snapper Dealer.
  • For more information about our outdoor power equipment lines, maintenance, parts or repair questions contact your local Snapper Dealer

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Rear Tine Tillers
User-Friendly Rear Tine Tillers

Rear tine tillers come with either standard rotating tines (SRT) or counter rotating tines (CRT).

Front Tine Tillers
Tillers 101

More compact than rear tine tillers, front tine tillers work well in medium-sized gardens. The tines are located in front of the engine contacting the ground to pull the tiller forward. Rear tine tillers are better for larger landscaping projects. It's wheels are powered by the engine and the tines operate separately making it easier to operate.

Field and Brush Mower
Field and Brush Mower
Easily clear out thick grass, brush and saplings with our powerful Snapper Field & Brush Mowers.  Watch the Snapper field and brush mower in action!