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Why Choose a Snapper Snow Blower?
Read About the Benefits of
Owning a Snapper Snow Blower.
Snapper outdoor Power Equipment
Snow Blower Specs

  • Count on Snapper snow blowers to plow through thick, heavy snow with ease.
  • Snow removal with a single stage, two stage, heavy duty and commercial snow blowers are tested to work in freezing conditions.
  • Briggs and Stratton snow blower engines are so dependable you can easily clear paths on sidewalks, driveways and even for your neighbors!
  • When the temperatures drop and the forecast is predicting blizzards, snow drifts build up quickly. The auger propelled drive system, gear transmission, electric chute and sturdy craftsmanship will quickly clear snow to keep you inside and safe!  

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Snowblower Engines
Best Snow Engines
Powerful Briggs & Stratton Snow Series and Professional Series engines are tested to start down to -20° F. All models are equipped with push button starting and come filled synthetic oil.
Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Snapper Dealer

Count all the reasons to choose your local Snapper dealer: Snapper Dealers are Snow Blower Experts, Test Drive Your Mower, Hassle-free Purchase and Service Support When You Need It

Look Before you Pump
Look Before You Pump

Be careful fueling your small gasoline engines in your snow blowers. Ethanol fuel can cause damage to your engine. To help prevent ethanol related small engine problems, remember to use clean fuel or use fuel stabilizer and treatment to protect your engine.

Snow Blower Dual Trigger Steering
Dual Trigger Steering

Snow blower operation made easy. Triggers located on the handles allow you to turn the snow thrower right or left with little effort. By pulling either trigger, the power shifts from two wheels to one which allows the snow removal machine to practically turn on its own. Available on models M1227E, H1226E, H1528E and H1730.

Gear Transmission on Snow Blowers & Throwers
Gear Drive Transmission

Change speeds on the go with our gear transmission that allows the operator to shift speeds without stopping. Gear drive transmission systems are maintenance-free and lubricated for life. (Available on Select Models)

Electric Snowblower Chute
Electric Chute Deflection

Easily point cleared snow exactly where you want it to go by using a dashboard switch to rotate the electric snow blower chute left or right. (Available on Select Models)