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Frequently Asked Questions

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What year is my Snapper mower, snow blower or equipment?

Whether you’ve bought an old Snapper mower or you’re just curious about the age of your antique lawn mower, we’re happy to help you find out what year your lawn mower, snow blower, lawn equipment or power product was manufactured.

How to Request a Snapper Manufacture Date

To find out what year your Snapper is, you can request the equipment’s manufacture date via e-mail.  Every Snapper model, from lawn mowers and tractors to snow blowers and outdoor power equipment, comes equipped with an ID tag. Please obtain your equipment’s Model and Serial numbers from its identification tag, and include them along with your request through our Contact Snapper Mowers page.

Your equipment’s identification tag may look similar to the following example:

Snapper Mower Age: Request Model Year for Lawn Mowers

If you intend to perform mower maintenance or small engine repair, be sure to read and follow the safety warnings and directions specified in the Snapper Operator's Manual. The materials detailed in this FAQ article are not intended to replace work performed by an Authorized Snapper Dealer. Terms and Conditions apply to all of the information presented on this website. Remember to always fully go through and fully comprehend your Outdoor Power Product Manual.

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