Choosing Between a Gas or Electric Lawn Mower

Snapper now offers a variety of both gas and electric lawn mower models. However, choosing the best power option for your needs may not always be so clear. With this how-to article, you will learn the key differences between our gas and battery-powered lawn mowers to assist you in deciding which option is best for you and your lawn.

With the variety of available equipment options, it’s easy to find the gas or electric lawn mower that’s right for you.

Key Factors to Consider

Both gas and electric Snapper lawn mowers can be great additions to your collection of lawn care equipment. Learn about a few key factors to consider, to get you started in determining which power option is best for you. 

  • Size of Your Lawn

    - Battery is best for small to mid-sized properties (1/2-acre yards or less)

    - Gas is best for mid-sized to large properties (more than 1/2-acre yards)


  • Land Topography

    - Battery performs best on mostly flat, even surfaces

    - Gas will perform better in terms of run time on rough terrain

  • Desired Features 

    - Battery powered lawn mowers are quiet and require less maintenance

    - Gas mowers are available with Ready Start and other innovations

  • Size of Your Budget

    - Battery lawn mowers are higher in price upfront but require less maintenance related costs over time

    - Gas lawn mowers are typically lower in price but require regular maintenance costs such as fuel and oil purchases

Gas vs Electric Comparison Chart

Features Gas Electric
Lawn Size More Than 1/2-Acre Yards 1/2-Acre Yards or Less
Available Features Ready Start, 3-in-1, Vertical Storage, Variable Speed Control Push Button Start, 3-in-1, Vertical Storage, Load Sensing Technology
Pricing  MSRP $150-$499 MSRP $250-$699
Run Time 60 Minutes - 120 Minutes Up to 90 Minutes
Maintenance Schedule Every 20 Hours of Run Time None

Gas & Electric Lawn Mowers

We hope this comparison helped you narrow your search for your next lawn mower. Whether its a gas or electric lawn mower, Snapper has you covered. Featuring several different models and features to make your yard work easier we have a mower that's just right for you and your lawn. Get going finding your next mower by learning more about the models featured below.