Snapper Rear Engine Rider: The Riding Mower Movie Star

When Hollywood needs a star that can cultivate a beautiful lawn, they call Snapper to cast the rear engine rider. This iconic Snapper riding mower is a favorite for movie makers and has become a classic symbol for American life and lawn care.

Like many other Hollywood stars, the Snapper RE Rider recently got a facelift. The new Rear engine riding mower model maintains the favorite features and design mowing enthusiasts have come to know and love over the past 50 years, while modernizing its technology.  Snapper customers can now enjoy a more comfortable and reliable mowing experience. This Snapper riding mower has a tighter turn radius than the classic lawn mower model, is more fuel efficient, and includes new mulching features and a grass height adjustment lever. Comfort features also include a new comfy seat and cup holders.

In honor of the redesigned Rear Engine Riding Mower release, we want to share some iconic movie moments from Snapper’s RE Rider history.

Snapper Rear Engine Rider Stars in Forrest Gump

In one of the most memorable lawn mower moments in history, Forrest Gump rode into our hearts on a Snapper Hi-Vac® 8/28 model rear engine rider. Forrest Gump (Paramount Pictures 1994) is known for representing the American experience over the course of several decades. Forrest’s journey takes us from a bus stop to Viet Nam to a shrimping boat to Watergate Hotel and finally back to Alabama where he mows lawns in his hometown’s local football field.

The scene brought Snapper Rear Engine Riding Mowers into the spotlight. Not only does Forrest ride a Snapper, he also shows his RE Rider love when he continues mowing the grass for free after making a fortune in the stock market (Thanks Lieutenant Dan!).

Forrest is also mowing his lawn atop his Snapper riding mower when Jenny returns to him for what he claims is the happiest time in his life. If you thought a lawn mower couldn’t be romantic, you haven’t seen the RE Rider in action. In fact, the Forrest Gump lawn mower moment isn’t Snapper’s only romantic moment.

Who Says a Snapper Riding Mower Can’t Buy Me Love?

While Forrest Gump is by far the Snapper Riding Mower’s most famous role, it also hit the silver screen a decade earlier in the ‘80s teen classic Can’t Buy Me Love* (1987). In this romantic comedy, a nerdy teen mows lawns around the neighborhood. He uses his mowing money to pay the cheerleader next door to date him/make him popular. It inevitably leads to teen drama, love triangles, a valuable life lesson and, of course, some sweet scenes of the rear engine riding mower in action.

The shiny red Rear Engine Rider provides bookends to the movie as the opening scene depicts Ronald mowing on a hilly lawn, sporting a black hat like a modern cowboy. The Snapper mower reappears throughout the movie as he does his after-school mowing job, but it provides a classic lawn mower movie moment in the closing scene. [Spoiler Alert] The movie ends with the re-united couple riding off into the sunset on the RE Rider.

From the big screen to your own back yard, Snapper riding mowers always provide all-star, reliable performance. That is especially true for the newly redesigned rear engine riding mower. Life may be like a box of chocolates, but with a Snapper, you ALWAYS know what you’re going to get.

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*Can’t Buy Me Love was produced by Apollo Pictures, Silver Screen Partners III, the Mount Company & Touchtone Pictures