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FAQ: Snapper Lithium Ion Batteries

How long does it take to get a full charge? How long does a full charge last on average? Find out! Read More »

FAQ: Buying Snapper Lithium Ion Batteries

Where can you buy just a replacement battery? How can you be sure you are purchasing the correct replacement battery? How do you dispose of old lithium ion batteries?" Read More »

How to Remove Lawn Mower Blades | Snapper FAQ

Dull mower blades? Find out how & when it's time to contact a Snapper Dealer to remove lawn mower blades from a zero turn, tractor or push mower!" Read More »

How to Start a Lawn Mower | Starting Snapper Mowers FAQ

Find out how to start a lawn mower in 9 steps with this Snapper Mowers FAQ. The lawnmower starting instructions will have you mowing the lawn with ease! Read More »

How to Start a Snow Blower: Step-by-Step Guide | Snapper

Learn how to start a snow blower in a few steps with this Snapper Snow Blowers FAQ. The snowblower starting instructions will have you plowing like a pro! Read More »