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Battery Charging and Usage for Lithium Ion Products

How long does it take to get a full charge? How long does a full charge last on average? Find out! Read More »

Buying Replacement Lithium Ion Batteries

Learn how to buy replacement Lithium-Ion Batteries for usage in your Snapper brand mower or outdoor power product. Old ones are easy to dispose. Read More »

How do I remove the lawn mower blades from my Snapper product?

Dull mower blades? Find out how & when it's time to contact a Snapper Dealer to remove lawn mower blades from a zero turn, tractor or push mower!" Read More »

How do I start my Snapper lawn mower?

Find out how to start a lawn mower in 9 steps with this Snapper Mowers FAQ. The lawnmower starting instructions will have you mowing the lawn with ease! Read More »

How much oil does a Snapper mower take?

How much oil is needed when changing the oil in your lawn mower? Find out the oil capacity of Snapper push, riding or zero turn mowers in this FAQ! Read More »

Lithium Ion Battery Care & Maintenance

How do you ensure proper and secure attachment to all products? What is proper storage in hot/freezing temperatures? Is there anywhere it is unsafe to store the battery? Are there any maintenance or care tips to keep in mind? Read More »

Lithium Ion Battery Issues

How can you determine if any issues with the equipment are battery-related? Troubleshooting starting problems, short battery life issues, etc. Read More »

How do I obtain a safety data sheet?

Learn how to obtain a safety data sheet for your Snapper products. Read More »

What lawn mower and tractor attachments are available for Snapper mowers?

What mower or tractor attachments are available for your Snapper? Find grass catchers, mulching kits, snow blowers & more in this Snapper accessories FAQ! Read More »

What oil type is best to use for my lawn mower?

Regular lawn mower maintenance keeps the small engine at its peak. Find out what mower oil type is best for Snapper mowers, tractors & power products. Read More »