No Clipping Left Behind

Choose from various types of collection systems to bring your Snapper mower to the next level and maximize its potential.

Twin Bag Catcher

Removable grass bags to gather your yard and waste clippings. 
Capacity: 6.2-bushels
Hard top available for select Snapper Pro models.


Triple Bag Catcher

This collection system is simple to install and a great addition for large clean-up jobs.
Capacity: 10-bushels
Hard top available for select Snapper Pro models.


Mulcher Kit

Helps put nutrients back into the soil for a healthier looking lawn.

Turbo Attachment

Get direct power from your mower to quickly and easily drive collection of leaves and debris.

Catcher Mounting / Hitch Kit

Creates an attachment point for a dump cart or other standard towable items. Will accept the 1/2" shank ball and comes complete with hardware. Fits all zero turns.

Deck Adapter Kit

Attaches to the mower deck to allow a bagger to be used.

Get Attached

Expand the productivity of your lawn mower's capabilities with an attachment. Attachments save you time and allow you to complete each job with ease.

Dump Cart

This multi-functional cart takes the heavy-lifting out of yard work.
Capacity: 10-cubic feet

Hitch Kit

Will accept a 1/2" shank ball and comes complete with hardware.

LED Light Kit

Energy efficient LED light kit with simple installation.

Cargo Bed

Easily add on a cargo bed to your 360Z for on-to-go versatility and convenience. Comes standard on some models. 
Capacity: 50-pounds

Front & Rear Weight Carriers

Weight carriers maintain responsive handling and traction when using heavy, mounted attachments.

Quick Attach Rear Wheel Weights

Provides increased ground traction while using heavy attachments.

Dozer Blade

Adjustable, spring-loaded or hydraulic blade makes quick work of snow, gravel or dirt.


Gas powered tow-behind tiller for easy soil prep.


Two-behind easily pulls lawn thatch to the surfaces for easy cleanup and improved lawn health.

Snow Cab

The snow cab brings comfort by shielding you from winter wind and flurries during snow removal.

Single-Stage Snow Blower

42" single-stage snow blower is perfect for light snowfall.

Mesh Seat Kit

For enhanced rider comfort during operation. 

Hour Meter Kit

Take the guess work out of maintenance intervals with an accurate hour count.

Cargo Bed Rhino Grip®

The cargo bed's integrated rail system accommodates tool clamps for even more functionality.

Dust Cover

Easily protect your equipment from dust and other debris when it's not in use.

Arm Rest Kit

Add our foldable arm rests for increased riding comfort.

Lawn Tractors

Model Name SPX™
Mulcher Kit Available
Twin Catcher* - 6.5-bu. 42" Mowers
Triple Catcher - 10-bu. 48" Mowers
Deck Adapter Kit Available 
(needed for use with Twin Catcher)
Catcher Mounting / Hitch Kit N/A
Turbo Attachment 48" Mower
Dump Cart - 10-cu. ft. Available
Front & Rear Weight Carriers Available
Quick Attach Rear Wheel Weights 
(2 recommended)
Hitch Kit (Standard)
LED Light Kit (Standard)
Arm Rest Kit Available
Cargo Bed** N/A
Cargo Bed Rhino Grip® Single N/A
Cargo bed Ratcheting Rhino Grip® N/A
Mesh Seat Kit N/A
Hour Meter Kit (Standard)
Dust Cover Available
Single-Stage Snow Blower 42" Includes Hitch & Lever
Snow Cab Soft Side (All Vinyl)
Tiller 36" Gas-Powered Tow-Behind
Dozer Blade 42" Includes Hitch & Lever
Dethatcher 40" Tow-Behind

* Select collection systems for zero turn models are available with or without a turbo.
** 50-lb. capacity, do not overload; do not carry passengers. Standard on most models. See operator's manual for details.
† Only compatible with HOZ models with a cargo bed installed.
Note: Attachments for previous year models and additional attachments through allied equipment manufacturers not shown may be available. Some attachments require additional installation components (i.e. front weights for catchers). Please see dealer for details. Contact your local dealer for more information and installation assistance.

Model Name 360Z 360Z XT
Mulcher Kit Available Available
Twin Catcher* - 6.5-bu. Includes Front Counter Weights Available
Triple Catcher - 10-bu. N/A N/A
Deck Adapter Kit Available 36", 42", 48"
Catcher Mounting / Hitch Kit 36" Single Cylinder Mower N/A
Turbo Attachment 52" Required Accessory
(Not Standard)
Required Accessory 
(Not Standard)
Dump Cart - 10-cu. ft. Available Available
Front & Rear Weight Carriers N/A N/A
Quick Attach Rear Wheel Weights 
(2 recommended)
Hitch Kit Available 36" Single Cylinder
(Standard on 36", 42", 48", 52")
LED Light Kit Available (Standard)
Arm Rest Kit Available
(Standard on 52")
Cargo Bed** Available 36", 42", 48" N/A
Cargo Bed Rhino Grip® Single Available 36", 42", 48", 52"
Cargo Bed Ratcheting Rhino Grip® Available 36", 42", 48", 52"
Mesh Seat Kit Available N/A
Hour Meter Kit (Standard) (Standard)
Dust Cover N/A N/A
Single-Stage Snow Blower N/A N/A
Snow Cab N/A N/A
Tiller N/A N/A
Dozer Blade N/A N/A
Dethatcher N/A N/A