The SS100 offers the added productivity of a stand-on unit in a compact package. With smaller mowing deck widths of 36" or 48", the SS100 is built for navigating through tight gates or loading on small trailers. The operator is at the center of the design with an adjustable operator platform that adjusts to a wide range of weights and operating conditions. This unit pushes the limits of productivity and value for the commercial landscaper.

Limited quantity available.


Height-of-Cut Adjustment

Cut height is easily changed from the operator compartment for easy curb climbing and trailer loading. The hand-operated deck lift can change cut height in 1/4" increments from 1.75" - 5".

Adjustable Operator Platform

The adjustable operator platform system with suspension is adjustable for a large range of weights and operating conditions, optimizing operator comfort and increasing productivity.

Speed Control Setting

The 3-position speed control setting is easy-locking and conveniently located for smooth operation. No tools are required to easily change the control setting for operation in a range of conditions.

Contoured Thigh Pad

Ergonomically designed thigh pad with contoured edges provides superior operator comfort, allowing the operator to easily lean into turns and sloping terrain for easier operation.

Commercial Transaxle

Commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400® transaxles are fully serviceable and designed for high performance.

iCD™ Cutting System

The innovative iCD™ Cutting System allows for better airflow, discharge and superior cut quality.

High Fuel Capacity

A 6-gallon tank is centrally located in the operator tower for consistent balance. The fuel filler neck is conveniently located on the side of the unit for easy fuel refill.


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