3 Easy Lawn Care Tips for Autumn

As summer fades and the weather turns cooler, mowing the lawn is probably one of the last things on your mind. If you want lush, green grass to come back next spring, however, you need to maintain a fall lawn care routine. Try these quick and simple Snapper® lawn care tips.

1. Continue Mowing Your Lawn through Fall 

One big lawn care myth is that grass growth stops in the autumn. In actuality, your grass is rapidly soaking up nutrients and moisture to prepare for the long (well, hopefully short) winter ahead. As backyard barbecue season draws to a close, reduce your Snapper mower’s blade to its lowest setting for the last two cuttings of the year. Be sure not to cut more than a third of the grass height at a time. Short grass length allows more sunlight to reach the grass, which will yield fewer dry, brown patches when sunny weather returns.

2. Fall Fertilizing for a Healthy Lawn 

Even as grass growth slows for the cooler months, your lawn’s roots are still rapidly developing and absorbing nutrients. If you only fertilize your lawn once per year, do it in autumn! Fall fertilizing gives your grass the nutrients it needs to grow deep, hearty roots and stay healthy for a vibrant, green start next spring.

Mulching, like with a Snapper mulching mower, will also make your lawn care routine easier by dispersing grass clippings, inhibiting weed growth and conserving moisture.

3. Weed Killer: Get Unwanted Weeds Under Control

Weeds, like grass, are sucking up all the sunlight, water and nutrients that come their way during the autumn. Weeds are also especially susceptible to weed killers during this time of year. Hit your lawn with a dose of herbicide and pesky weeds won’t return for spring.

What are your favorite ways to use your Snapper mower or riding mower in autumn? Do you have any quick and easy fall lawn care tips? Share them to the Snapper Facebook page.