25 Lawn Care Tips & Mower Musts from #SnapperTip Tweets

What homeowner doesn’t want to take pride in their lawn? With the help of a #SnapperTip or two, you’ll be on track to gorgeous green grass and a beautiful yard.

Snapper shares lawn care tips and easy ways to keep your mower performing at its peak via the #SnapperTip hashtag on our Facebook page. For a quick preview of the yard warrior wisdom you can expect, here are 25 quick tips on yard care, mowing the lawn and mower maintenance.

Maintenance & Mowing Musts

From your pull or push start to storage, Snapper is here to share mowing tips to ensure your lawn mower is performing at its peak.

1. When using a push mower, make sure to check the oil level at the beginning of each use.

2. At the start of every season, replace your mower's air filter, spark plug, and in-line fuel filter.

3. Always use fresh gas to prevent mower maintenance problems.

4. Before you mow the lawn, check the grass for any objects or debris to avoid potential injury or harming your lawn mower.

5. Make mowing the lawn a snap by choosing the right lawn mower for you.

6. Remove the spark plug and disconnect the battery before doing lawn mower repair or maintenance.

7. One of the easiest ways to maintain your lawn mower (or snow blower) is to use fuel stabilizer.

8. Lawn mower fuel filters can be removed and cleaned; but replace them if they are clogged with debris.

9. Instead of of developing a rigid schedule for mowing your lawn, pay attention to the grass height and only mow when needed.

10. When mowing the lawn, never mower shorter than 1/3 of the grass height.

Lawn Care Tips

While mowing is an integral part of lawn maintenance, there are other simple tricks you can try as well. Here are some seasonal lawn care tips to prevent lawn damage and encourage healthy grass and soil growth.

11. First order of business in spring should be to remove any excess buildup of organic matter on top of the soil.

12. Spreading out piles of snow will ensure even melting, which will prevent dead or brown spots in the lawn later.

13. Fertilize cool-season lawns in late fall and again in late spring. Feed warm-season lawns in late spring and late summer.

14. Want your lawn to look better than your neighbor’s? Spread your clippings after mowing to fertilize. Try a mulching attachment to do the work for you.

15. Never fertilizer a dehydrated lawn.

16. Do occasional sweeps of your lawn for debris during the winter. If left, debris can create dead grass spots in your lawn come spring.

17. Want your yard to look its best? Keep an eye on the weather forecast & cover plants so they aren’t affected by a late frost.

18. Test your soil’s pH balance every 3 years (or more) to reevaluate its needs.

19. Consider aerating the lawn’s moss patches, which are signs of compaction, to avoid future problems.

Ideas to Design Your Backyard Look

20. For a clean look, install strong edging along any garden bed.

. Enhance your yard's look by adding lawn decorations like a water fountain, small trees, or both.

22. Not only do homegrown veggies taste great, they’re a great way to make your garden look as good as your lawn does.

23. Choose longer living flowers for a consistent garden year after year.

24. When designing your backyard, highlight the brilliant green of your lawn by laying down dark mulch in your garden beds.

25. Having an outdoor party on your lawn? Mow the lawn just before the big event for the best look and feel.

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