Fall Lawn Care: Quick Tips to Make Leaf Removal a Breeze

Fall may be one of the most beautiful seasons, but taking care of your fall lawn care can be a hassle if you’re not prepared. It’s one thing to watch the color of fall leaves change, but it’s another when they’re all over your lawn and in your gutters.

Don’t be caught off guard when those leaves hit – face the fall with Snapper leaf removal equipment.

Raking Leaves is for Kids – Use Leaf Removal Equipment

Leaf raking may be fine for kids, but for adults, raking can be unnecessarily time-consuming and uncomfortable. Make your fall lawn care duties more efficient and manageable by enlisting the help of leaf removal equipment that can help you get the job done quickly. 

Before you get started, make sure to clear your yard of rocks and anything else that could damage your leaf removal equipment. Three pieces of Snapper® outdoor power equipment can be particularly helpful for your fall lawn care needs, depending on your individual yard:

  • Leaf Blower: If you plan on using a Snapper® leaf blower to take care of those leaves, have a leaf tarp handy to create a pile that you can easily transport elsewhere. A leaf tarp that easily transforms into a bag is the most effective option. Or you may be able to bypass the leaf tarp if you live near a wooded area – just blow the wayward leaves back to nature.
  • Lawn Vacuum: By using a Snapper lawn vacuum, also called a leaf vacuum or yard vacuum, you can easily collect any wayward leaves to later dispose of or compost. A lawn vacuum is effective for rolling over the terrain of your yard, and can include a hose to get into hard-to-reach spaces and avoid damaging the more delicate parts of your landscape. This option helpfully combines a few steps into one.
  • Pressure Washer: A Snapper pressure washer is the best tool to clear heavy, wet leaves out of your gutters. Catch the debris in a leaf tarp to compost later. 

Leaf Removal Next Steps

Now that you’ve cleaned up your leaves, what should you do next? Well, if you didn’t blow them back into the wild, they’re still going to be on your property. 

  • Recycling leaves into compost is environmentally friendly and can provide the rest of your yard with valuable nutrients. Compost bins can be purchased through local city or state agencies, or you might have your own composter in your backyard. 
  • Mulching leaves is also a good option to finish up your leaf removal. It’s made particularly easy if you collected all your leaves and other yard debris via your lawn vacuum. 

Once your leaves are all cleaned up and composted or mulched, you can kick back with a warm beverage and enjoy that crisp fall air.

Visit your local Snapper dealer to purchase all the leaf removal equipment and accessories you need to take care of your fall lawn care.