Riding Mower and Lawn Tractor Covers from Snapper

Snapper riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors are renowned for durability, ease of use, power, and providing the perfect cut every time. Protect your investment for years to come with a riding mower cover or lawn tractor cover available from your local Snapper dealer.

Snapper offers a multitude of riding mower attachments and accessories to help you transition your versatile riding lawn mower or lawn tractor from summer to winter. Whether looking into riding mower storage for a week or a whole season, a cover will protect your Snapper from dust, moisture, sun, birds, and sap. 

Covers are available for NXT and SPX model lawn tractors. 

How should I store my Snapper lawn tractor?

Clean your lawn tractor or riding lawn mower by wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove dirt, dust, or lawn clippings. Once your Snapper is clean, coat the body lightly in car wax to repel dirt and water. Dry your riding mower or lawn tractor gently with a towel and store it indoors with a genuine Snapper cover. Avoid covering with a plastic tarp, as this can trap moisture underneath, encouraging rust to form. 

If storing your lawn tractor or riding lawn mower for the winter months, make sure to follow all the instructions for winterizing your equipment before cleaning the exterior and covering.