String Trimmer Buying Guide

Few things are more frustrating than looking at your freshly mowed lawn to see weeds, stray brush, hard-to-mow grass and shaggy edges ruining your dreams of the perfect yard.

A string trimmer is the outdoor power equipment solution for homeowners facing this challenge. As a follow-up to your Snapper® mower, a string trimmer (also called a weed trimmer) can edge the grass and eliminate hard-to-reach weeds and other unsightly lawn nuisances to give you the tidy, manicured lawn of your dreams.

Learn more about Snapper string trimmers and how they can benefit your yard today.

Yard Care Benefits of Using a String Trimmer 

While using a Snapper® mower is great for cutting your grass, mowers are designed to cut large amounts of grass in a precise way, which means they’re less suited to detail work like tackling stubborn weeds in hard-to-reach areas or chunks of tall, thick grass.

That’s where the string trimmer comes in. Snapper string trimmers have the power to clean up your yard quickly and effectively. It’s no longer a problem to trim right up against a fence, under and around trees.