Top 5 Gifts for Dads Who Love Yard Work

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to treat your dad who loves yard work to new gardening tools, lawn mowers, outdoor power equipment, and ways to relax in his favorite space. Even if he won’t be able to get back out there until it warms up, surprise him now with new toys that he can’t wait to use.

1. Outdoor Power Equipment

Let’s start with the big gifts that you know Dad would love, like a new Snapper® leaf blower or lawn mower. If it’s within your budget to buy him a shiny new machine, the holidays are a great time to look for deals on items to thank your dad for being such a great guy. He’ll love getting back out there to his beloved lawn care work with some great new outdoor power equipment. 

2. Wheelbarrow or Yard Cart

Getting Dad something practical and useful to assist his lawn maintenance efforts will be greatly appreciated. If his wheelbarrow is looking a little worse for wear, or his yard cart is the same one he had 20 years ago, now would be a great time to replace it so he’ll be all ready to start hauling dirt, leaves, and new plants around the yard with ease. Learn more about our yard cart.

3. Hammock

Such a great, hard-working dad deserves his downtime too. A great way for him to relax in his beloved yard space is the eternally popular hammock. Consider treating Dad to a comfy new hammock for him to unwind outdoors after he’s done working in the yard all day. He’ll definitely appreciate it.

4. Pressure Washer

Another practical item for Dad to take care of his yard work and clean up the house is a new Briggs & Stratton or Snapper pressure washer. Useful for cleaning the driveway, the patio, the sides of the house and more, he will appreciate a new power washer to get his house and outdoor space in tip-top shape. A great gift for dad that he’ll be talking about for years.

5. Gardening Tools

Last but far from least, if your dad loves his yard care, there’s a good chance he has an amazing garden to cultivate. Make his face light up this holiday season with the gift of shiny new gardening tools that will get him ready for many hours of taking care of his garden once the spring and summer roll around. Learn more about our electric products for gardening.

Visit a Snapper Dealer in your area for some other items to add to the dad gifts list.