Quiz: Which Snapper Mower or Lawn Tractor Are You?

From gardening hobbyists to diehard DIYers, Snapper has a lawn mower to meet your needs. Whether you’re tackling a suburban front lawn or several rolling acres, the variety of Snapper mowers and lawn tractors can rise to the challenge.

Want to find your perfect Snapper tractor or mower? Take our quiz.

1. How would you describe your yard size?

    A. Cozy for backyard BBQs (Less than ½ acre) 

    B. Fido’s Roaming Grounds (½ to 1 acre) 

    C. Playground and Pool Paradise (1+ acres) 

    D. Ready for Backyard Ball (1+ acres)

2. What kind of car would you prefer? 

    A. My two feet – Why ride when you can walk? 

    B. Classic Model – Bring on that vintage look with modern technology 

    C. SUV – Bring on the rough terrain and dirt trails. The more power, the better.

    D. Electric Car – Sporty styling, the newest, most innovative technology and small enough to fit in the tightest spots

3. What is your favorite season? 

    A. Summer – Give me a backyard BBQ or pool party any day. 

    B. Spring – It’s everything I remember and love, but fresh and new again. 

    C. I like ‘em all – Whether building snowmen, taking a jog, or playing ball with the kids, you’ll find me outside any season.

    D. Fall – Falling leaves (great for mulching), sweaters and football season are my favorites.

4. When I mow the lawn, I am… 

    A. Completing a chore 

    B. Enjoying a relaxing hobby 

    C. Taking care of business 

    D. Navigating an obstacle course

5. What’s most important to you? 

    A. Affordability 

    B. Fun & Function 

    C. Versatility 

    D. Maneuverability & Technology

If you answered mostly A’s… 
A Snapper push mower is perfect for you. You’ve got classic taste and want the convenience of smart, premium features like Snapper’s 3-n-1 convertibility and mulching. Whether you have a small urban plot or a sprawling suburban backyard, Snapper mowers do away with the days of back-breaking yard work and give you the enviable lawn of your dreams with ease and affordability.

If you answered mostly B’s… 
Then a Snapper rear engine rider is the right choice. This customer favorite has been a riding mower icon for decades. With this newly-redesigned lawn mower, you can enjoy the classic RE rider you know and love with modern technology, longer mower time between fill ups and easier turning. The Snapper rear engine rider is perfect for riding mower novices and veterans alike.

If you answered mostly C’s… 
Snapper riding mowers are the outdoor power products for you. Snapper riding mowers are ergonomically designed for comfort, have great visibility and boast awesome versatility. Snapper tractor attachments transition your tractor from spring to winter with snow blowing capabilities and more.

If you answered mostly D’s… 
You’re a tech fiend with a penchant for comfort, power and performance. Check out Snapper’s zero turn mowers. With superior handling, ZTR mowers by Snapper quickly cover big properties and easily maneuver around landscaping features like rocks, trees, shrubs, and garden beds. Built to last, zero turn lawn mowers by Snapper are welded from thick 10-gauge steel. While the technology might be new, Snapper mowers boast legendary reliability.

Still need help finding your dream Snapper mower?

Use our dealer locator and talk to your local Snapper dealer. Your perfect lawn care tools are just a visit away.