Lawn Mower Storage Tips for Snapper® Push & Riding Mowers

With winter on its way, it is that sad time of year when your beloved Snapper lawn mower needs to hibernate for a few long, cold months. Proper lawn mower storage techniques will ensure that your push or riding mower will start easily in the spring. 

Follow these mower storage tips before retiring your Snapper for the season.

*Before performing maintenance or repair, Snapper recommends reviewing your Snapper owners manual for safety instructions.

Winterize Your Lawn Mower Engine in 3 Steps

1. Fuel

Topping off the gas tank before lawn mower storage can prevent rust, erosion and engine damage caused by old fuel. Fuel stabilizer is key in winterizing your mower because it prevents moisture from damaging the engine.

Add fuel stabilizer to the gas before you fill up. Then, run the engine for a few minutes to ensure the fuel treatment circulates throughout the gas tank and carburetor. This should keep your fuel fresh for 6 months.

2. Change the Oil & Filter

While the engine is warm, change the oil and the oil filter. Find the right oil filter for your push mower or zero turn by checking your Snapper manual.

3. Remove the Lawn Mower Battery

Batteries are best stored in a cool, dry place. Disconnect the negative battery cable and remove the battery from the mower. This is also an ideal time to clean out the battery terminal. You can find terminal cleaner and protector at your local Snapper parts and service dealer.

Clean Your Equipment Before Lawn Mower Storage

You wouldn’t put a dirty dish in your cabinet (hopefully), so why would you store a lawn mower without cleaning it first? Before cleaning, remove spark plugs as a safety precaution.

Rinse off grass clipping, dirt, debris and all the muck that has accumulated over this mowing season. For push mowers, gently lean them on their sides to rinse the mower deck. If anything is lodged in the mower blade, use a stick to remove it – never use your hands.

Sharpening Mower Blades

While you’re preparing your lawn mower for storage, it is also a good time to sharpen or replace your mower blades. Having your blades sharpened once a year is recommended because mowing with a dull blade can actually harm grass. If you complete this lawn mower maintenance chore now, you’ll be thanking yourself come springtime.

Where to Store a Lawn Mower 

Make sure to store your Snapper push or riding mower in a cool, dry place like a shed or garage. Your lawn mower storage location should NOT be near the furnace, water heater or any appliance with a pilot light as a fire safety precaution.

With these lawn mower storage tips, your Snapper is ready to be put away for the winter. Don’t worry though, you can still visit it in the garage any time you want.