Changing your Straight Shaft String Trimmer Line

Whether you’re using your string trimmer to edge the lawn or trim weeds, your Snapper straight shaft string trimmer is designed to be easy to use and easy to own. This video guide will show you just how simple it is to change trimmer line.

Be sure to check your operator’s manual before starting the unit or performing any maintenance, being careful to follow all safety instructions.

Trimmer Line Replacement in 7 Easy Steps

1. Remove the cover and spool by pressing the tabs on the sides of the trimmer head

2. Remove any remaining line

3. Clean dirt and debris from all parts

4. Replace with a new pre-wound spool or replace the line on the existing spool

5. Place the spool in the cover

6. Insert the ends of the lines in the cover’s exit holes

7. Reinstall spool and cover to trimmer head; push until the cover snaps into place

Replacing Trimmer Line in the Original Spool

If the original spool is not worn or damaged, you can replace the line.

What To Use: 25-foot length of 0.095 diameter trimmer line

What NOT to Use: Wire, rope, string, etc. (Warning: these items should never be used in a string trimmer. They can become a dangerous projectile and cause injury).

• Once you have the proper trimmer line ready, bend the line at the midpoint

• Insert the bend into the slot in the center rim of the spool, ensuring the line snaps into position in the slot

• With your finger between the lines, wrap the lines evenly and firmly around the spool in a clockwise direction

• Position the lines in the guide slots

• Continue with steps 5+ above